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Bassicus Maximus Furrius
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25th-Apr-2007 11:48 am - *pokes head in*
*pricks ears* *sniffs air*


*enters hesitantly* *looks around*

Hey there... guess there's no-one else here yet. Music, anyone? Shall we make some noise? *grins*

I'm not usually the sort to come forward, but I couldn't let a great place like this stand empty, when there could be music! heh. I'm not particularly clued-up or anything, I just love the sound of bass. I have a 4-string bass guitar, (second hand from my sister, if I'd had the money I would've got a 5-string) but I can't really play much. I love the bass guitar pic you put up, made me smile.

Uh, yeah well anyways, that's me saying hi... Dunno what else I should put in an intro-post, I've never really done one before. What do you want to know? I'm happy to answer any questions. Oh yeah, I'm Felix, by the way, I'm rather odd, a bit shy and of the feline persuasion, quite extremely so. Um, I think that's about it. If I've missed anything out, or you're interested in something, feel free to ask.

Right, music, yeah... *plugs in bass* *makes some sounds*
24th-Apr-2007 11:57 pm(no subject)
sad, pensive
[Enters room, switches on light and looks around]

[Lets out heavy, sad sigh]

[turns off light]

And here I thought it was a good idea for once, what do I know!

[Closes Door]
21st-Apr-2007 01:41 pm - *Taps Microphone*
The_Bassist, Jammin'
I have an announcement to make, I have just created a community:

A comm for furs who love to make noise using low frequency generating devices (i.e.: Electric Bass, URB, Tuba, bass Jews-Harp, etc...).

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