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A Little Closer

As I went shopping for B-Day gifts for a couple of near three year old nieces (they're cousins actually,) I made a stop at the Southpark Ray-Dee-Oh Shanty to see if they had some parts to further along the glacier that is the studio build. 
Found: a couple of female RCA -> 1/8" mono adapters, and a right angle 1/8" stereo adapter.

The RCAs are for connecting the SK-1 up to the Core™. All I need is to find a suitable wall-wart P/S for it. While connecting it up, I grabbed some of the split-side conduit and threaded the Cheez-O sampler leads that were just hooked up, as well as the MIDI and audio lines coming from the DS-8. Now it looks really tight down there, but I'll probably replace it sometime later with a longer length of conduit of a different color. Not really critical at this point. Next piece of hardware is the percussion controller that is still closeted at this point. I'll be using a snare stand for it; fits like a dream!

The 1/8" right angle? That is for Portabrayne so I can use external speakers without accidentally moshing the cable or the laptop's audio-out jack.

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