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Rack Update...

... or: "I Don't Dream of Wires, I Have Plenty, Thank You (I hope)!"
After a too leisurely wake time, caffination and whatnot, it is now time to break out the two milk crates and two coffee boxes just packed with hopefully, all the cabling that will be needed for this next phase of the reconstruct project. But first, trash removal!

Now with that done, now I'm going through the task of separating MIDI, audio, and power cabling from each other.

SHIT, none of the "lump in the middle" power adaptors has means to secure them directly to the inside surfaces of the rack itself! [head desks]

Missing (Need to buy replacements)
(1) 9-volt adaptor for a pedal that needs two of those suckers.

Might as well start with the MIDI I/O cabling, gotta find my work light.
Separating the shorter MIDI from the longer ones

Done with MIDI cable runs. Gone to watch House.

Prepping digipix of my progress.
Details on tagging feral MIDI cables
(Typical) Cable Tagging

How the cables feeding into the MSB+ MIDI patchbay looks.

Ins and Outs: Established!

As one can see in the final digipix, there is an unused pair of I/O that an Alesis MMT-8 hardware sequencer used to use... After using one all I can say is that using a Mac/PC is way better; more resources for bigger files, and no micro display-induced eyestrain while doing event editing to boot!
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